Football Shirt Hunting | #8 | GRAILS GALORE!

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Today is our BIGGEST EVER haul of shirts from a Football Shirt Hunting episode with us getting OVER 100 football shirts and kits in ONE video. Going to thrift stores, car boot sales, charity shops and more for retro, second hand clothing. Enjoy!

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    Tk maxx!? In the us it’s Tj maxx haha and yeah they do have jerseys sometimes but usually a little more expensive than I want to pay

  2. Marcio Maia

    Mad that Nakamura is still playing at the ripe age of 43…and he is playing with 54-year-old Miura at Yokohama FC…

  3. Luna

    Romania is one of the easiest countries to hunt for football shirts. There are so many second hand shops that sell import shirts from Germany. Only problem with hunting here is that you don't really get football shirts from any other countries than Germany. I live in a small city, we have about 20 second hand shops and you usually find at least one real shirt (there's a lot of fakes, I actually bought a dortmund one for 50 pence just because it looked nice). Oh yeah, they're at most 5 pounds (20 RON, nobody goes below this price) and on Sundays they're 3-5 RON. Ofc prices vary city by city, but I found so many legit retro football shirts in these shops.
    My best finds going to these shops:
    – Roma Away 2004-2005 (with tags) – 5 RON (1 pound)
    – Spain Home 2011-2012 – 3 RON (50 pence)
    – Borussia Monchengladbach 2008-2009 – 2 RON (30 pence)
    I also found a Hoffenheim Hoodie from 2020-2021 today! The good thing is that NO ONE hunts for football shirts here, so I'll just wait 3 more days to buy it for cheaper. Already hid it in the back of the women's rows so no one finds it

  4. Jonathan CZ

    Vid idea: choose your favorite shirt from each country that you have shirts from, I think that would be a banger

  5. absis absis

    Anyone from Germany here who can tell me where i can pick up football stuff like this in Germany? Do we also have such shops? Thank you!

  6. fut b

    How do you know if the stuff on ebay is legit? Im knew in this hobby and i dont think i would recognize a fake piece unless its very bad.

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