Xhaka sobre las desventajas del fútbol profesional

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48 comentarios en “Xhaka sobre las desventajas del fútbol profesional

  1. Adam Ford

    I'm sure the 80 grand a week makes up for some "hardships" regular people deal with hardships every minute of every day across the world and a lot of people wont earn in 5 years what you earn in a week. Stop whining you fanny.

  2. CT-6116 Kix 🇺🇦

    lol people in the comments saying "oH bUt hE mAkEs mIlIonS" forget the amount of sacrifice and hardwork it took for him to get to those millions. and he's not saying this doesn't happen everywhere he's saying it happens in football as well. people tend to not care and call him shit for whatever reason. feelings don't care about your paycheck. look at the world when ronaldo lost his newborn. they let him have his moment. so why support him but tease xhaka when he says it was hard to play in a final when his newborn was being born? pathetic clowns in the comments won't know. absolute nothings

  3. Russ Williams

    Yes, I expect it is difficult to fulfill a 90 minute match or 1 hour of training per day. 🙄 bloke has no concept of real life and real hard working to provide food and a roof for your family. Try 2 x 8 hour jobs per day. Guess what, someone dies in my family, of course it's sad but I can't afford to have time off to grieve. How nice it would be to be given the opportunity to get out of the country, let alone visit Baku. He's more of a tosser than I originally thought.

  4. Sean

    Pay them minimum wage and they will see what is difficult Ohhh I have such a hard life it’s not easy getting payed 50k 100k a week I have a new born baby but I have to go play 90mins of football 😂😂😂😂

  5. t rex

    I mean, tons of foreign labourers are going through this and none of them see their families for years. At least he's getting paid 1000000x better when he's missing out on family moments.

  6. xolani vilakazi

    Don't complain about the happenings of life cause they happen to everyone, your not special cause you have struggled cause we all have them

  7. Sid Vyas

    Oh boo hoo, cry me a river.

    Not to invalidate what he’s feeling or what he’s been through but man, get real, get a clue, no matter what the profession, if you’re at the top or anywhere near, it requires hella sacrifice.

    The amount of people who work harder, tougher jobs for a fraction of the pay and STILL have to miss the birth of their kids, etc is ridiculous.

    That’s the difference between Michael Jordan and his ilk like Cristiano, and someone like Xhaka. Cristiano and Michael both know that people pay their hard earned money to come and watch the sport, it’s a privilege to be in that position. As hard or tough as it gets, you suck it up and play your heart out.

    I’m sure you could take a massive pay cut and the Arsenal would let you off for leave whenever, but you won’t do that now will you?

    These whiny pansies really get my goat lol

  8. Milk Tea

    I definitely noticed that many players don’t seem happy, they may smile some times during interviews or after a win, but you rarely see a Ronaldinho like player. I feel like with social media and everyone being able to comment on players has made players more anxious. Like there’s a lot of players who have got hated on a lot because of social media. Phil jones, maguire, Xhaxa, etc. people may think it’s a joke, but these players probably can’t look at comments or Twitter without everyone telling them their shit at football. Like I’m sure many people have jobs and aren’t the very best basically like the Messi or Ronaldo at their jobs, but millions of people aren’t telling them their shit.

  9. deejee

    Its easy chill out, the amount of money you earn of course makes up for it, alot of people dont have money nor the flexibilty gi figure

  10. 7ukas

    I'm about to cry! 😑 That's not the downside of football. That's the downside of LIFE! Problems everybody has! Footballers at least have the money and a luxurious life to have some really big problems less! But "oh, It's not easy!" 🙄 He can call it a day any day and has to never work again! Plenty of time there, Xhaka. Gee.

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