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Camiseta Italia 2021 2.ª Equipación Todas las noticias, resultados y clasificaciones de las ligas de futbol de la Comunidad de Madrid.

The Complete History of the Football Jersey

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Football kit culture has become big business over the past few years. It’s estimated that the top ten clubs sold over 20 million shirts in 2021 between them. These days wearing a football shirt is not just about representing your club, it’s about style.

But where do football kits originate? Was there a time before kits? How have they changed?

David Goldblatt explores. Henry Cooke illustrates.

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Camiseta de portero de la 1ª equipación del Real Madrid 2018-19 Todas las noticias, resultados y clasificaciones de las ligas de futbol de la Comunidad de Madrid.

Showcasing My ENTIRE Football Shirt Collection – 2021 Edition!

The video everyone has been asking for, sit back and relax because it’s a long one so sit back and relax as I showcase my ENTIRE Football shirt collection that features arguably some of the greatest football shirts/kits of all time from clubs like: Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, PSG, Barcelona and many more!

Massive thanks to Peterborough for letting me film at their stadium, be sure to check out their official YouTube channel below:

1:45 miscellaneous section
6:05 la liga
8:50 bundis
12:30 Leeds and Porto
15:00 serie a
19:13 Ligue 1
23:12 international
27:52 jackets sweats
34:56 Favourite Shirts

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Camiseta Manchester United 3ª Equipación 2019/2020 Niño Última hora del FC Barcelona. Actualidad, fichajes, calendario, entradas, resultados, clasificaciones, resúmenes, LaLiga, la Copa, la Champions League.