ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Don Hutchison and Jan Aage Fjortoft share their thoughts on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United. Nicol is not a fan of Solskjaer’s culture at the club calling it soft, and says Man United players have accepted being second-best. Fjortoft believes lack to talent, not just Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is to blame for Man United’s lack of trophies, saying it’s too easy to put the onus on the manger.

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36 comentarios en «Blaming Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Manchester United's struggles is too easy – Fjortoft | ESPN FC»
  1. A lot of the young colts and players need a some coaching and help in order to take their game to next level. I'm referring to someone like Rene Muelensteen (who shaped Rooney and Ronaldo's finishing along with drilling Evra and Rio) who is sorely needed. If Ole and Mike Phelan were part of the backroom staff with a quality figure-head manager.

  2. Blur blur blur….. I still back ole 100%. I'm comfortable nowadays watching every game with confidence that we can win because of what Ole has done. Trophies will come soon and he will prove y'all wrong. Shut up.

  3. Struggling into 2nd and ending City's 21 match unbeaten run, with a 30 game unbeaten away record, a Premier League record victory of 9-0, and having never failed to make a quarter final of a competition outside the Champions League, with a squad that is unbalanced and requires strengthening.

    Yeah, Ole's really struggling.

  4. Ole is such a weak manager. It's so weird having having a Club with so much money and commercial appeal and they're just happy to win nothing. The vermin incharge of the club are such greedy losers.

  5. These ESPN pundit apart from Jan are waiting every movement from ole/ United and then start to make subjective comment. Yes ole comment isnt proper for United coach but instead of blaming all the fault to ole, you should point the finger to woodward and glazers.

    LVG who is champion with barca/ bayern and mourinho who is champion with chelsea/ madrid/ inter experienced the same faith like ole. All of them is thrown away by the board to do impossible job without enough backing. Mourinho asked for center back the board didnt gave him, LVG won the FA cup and started to make the team stable but he got fired also. The conclusion is the board always make wrong decision in the wrong time, no manager will success with this kind of board

  6. Facts:
    1. The team is better than a lot of squads in the league player for player. I would say top 2 or 3 best team player for player – This player blame is ridiculous especially when players leave the club and do better ALWAYS

    2. The board are not on the pitch and have provided funds wether you like them or not

    3. Ole has spent £300million on this squad and the majority are his players

    4. The squad plays how the manager wants them to play not how they want to play – If they are playing how they want to play then it's up to the manager to change that

    5. Motivating a squad is in two parts the players drive and the manager's management skills

    6. The defense problem is a case of the tactics and not the players entirely – you can't play a counter-attack system AND play from the back with a midfield that is not defensive enough

    7. The players in defense that are doing the worst are the player Ole bought – The ones doing the best came from previous regimes. Luke Shaw Lindelof, Bailly. It all boils down to tactics though.

    8. The team doesn't create opportunities and strikers feed off scrap unless they create their own goal. The majority of strikers in the league get above 15 touches per game and at least 2 opportunities all United strikers get less. No chances created equates to bad tactics. Again this is not about the player because other teams are creating more

    9. Man united are individual reliant so when individuals are out the team suffers..Pogba. Teams like City, Chelsea, Everton, West Ham, Leicester, Tottenham, Liverpool are tactic reliant so when players leave the way the team plays doesn't change. barring multiple injuries.

    10. Ole has said countless times that he is happy with his squad and also is pro Glazers and wants us to all "come together" as a club- how do you support Ole and hate the Glazers when he is a glazer man? How do you say he needs more players when he says himself he is happy with the squad and has been backed?

    11. Ole is doing a worse job than Mourinho and playing a similar style that fans hated… but he is a legend so deserves time.

    12. Jose called for more defenders and was told "you just purchase some you have enough". Ole says he is happy with what he is got but fans want him to get more invested in better defenders, hypocrisy?

    So much more but facts are fact whichever side you are on…

  7. Actually its very easy to blame ole Gunnar because of one tinny thing. United creates very little going forward because of two DMC. United has gonne from being one offensive team creating lots and lots of goals to just standing back and protecting the CD. Playing like this has made United into the most boring team to watch in England, it hurts to say that about my favorite team, but its the truth. Also like they say the best defensive is to attack over and over again…. and this will cost United before the season it over. one of the DMC needs to go and he needs to go quickly and its about time to play one of the more talented players who actually can pass Donny way more then what he has played. Time to take a chance and entertain again United. Bruno and the striker are almost invisible when you play two CDMs

  8. The owner and ceo are the problem. Who hired ole and have him the full time job in the first place? As for the glazers, they have been sucking billions out of manu coffers for past 15 years, where do you get the money to buy new players?

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