Welcome to my Football Manager 2019 Let’s Play, Raise the Holte, where we seek to lead Aston Villa to the top of world football. In this episode, we play Leicester City in the Carabao Cup 3rd Round and Sporting in the Champions League on FM19. This episode also features a look back at some of our best goals from September.

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Recorded on OBS.
Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019

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2 comentarios en «FM19 – Raise the Holte: Aston Villa Ep.101: Villa in Portugal – Football Manager 2019 Let's Play»
  1. A solid performance from the youngsters against a solid premier league team.
    After reviewing the penalty incident I'm unconvinced that there is enough for a foul – looks like a natural coming together
    If you don't have the league loaded then the team reports can be very vague

    Ryan went to Hibs in January but on a loan deal
    That Sporting game is Villa in a nutshell

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