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50 comentarios en «Instant KARMA In Football • 10 Revenge Moments»
  1. lol dude, when ronaldo celebrate without tshirt wasnt against barcelona you dumb ass kid, you should put what madrid players did to messi and how karma reacts by messi's goals you idiot gay madrid fan, that you cut video from another match instead of the real one

  2. Talking of Payet karma, something really weird happened. I play Online Soccer Manager and was the manager of Schalke. My best rated player in the squad was Payet. He played very well all season. when i reached the German Cup Final against BVB, i had to sub him off within just 7 minutes of the match, and i lost the final. Can this be called Karma?

  3. I remember when ronaldo got injured in the Euro final, I was actually gonna cry because this just wasn't fair, portugal was weak without ronaldo. But whenever they won this made me so happy, seeing ronaldo crying in tears of joy

  4. 1. Messi raised his jersey infront of Real Madrid fans in santiago to tease them NOT because he scored 500th goal, if he was really celebrating his 500th goal, he would be celebrating infront of Barcelona fans and not showing his jersey up RM fans faces
    2. Ronaldo celebrated his goal by raising his jersey infront of Barcelona fans in camp nou..THAT WAS THE REVENGE. BUT here's the fun fact…Ronaldo did not intend to lift his jersey, if you watch the full clip, Marcelo handed the jersey to Ronaldo and asked him to wave around
    3. Ronaldo did not copy messi's celebration, it is Messi who copied Marcelo's celebration. Marcelo did it first.

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