ESPN FC’s Mark Donaldson is joined by Mark Ogden to discuss the future of the European Super League following the withdrawal of all teams apart from Barcelona and Real Madrid. Ogden explains why despite John W Henry’s apology, he feels that Liverpool fans will be slow to forgive Fenway Sports Group for their involvement, while explaining why he believes that the Super League concept could still work, provided it’s made more equitable.

0:00 Is this the end of the Super League?
1:20 Have Liverpool fans been betrayed?
2:36 Should the clubs be punished?
4:48 Why »closed shop» leagues aren’t an option in Europe
7:12 Can the Super League idea survive?
8:37 Champions League revamp on hold

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30 comentarios en «European Super League fallout: Why the 50+1 rule will NEVER HAPPEN in the Premier League | ESPN FC»
  1. I read a lot about these teams losing loads of money, but they all over commit on player purchases and wages. It’s bad management. They went all in to have the best players with the big wages. They now need to sell, reduce their wage bill and settle their debts particularly the likes of Real and Barcelona. Man United owners have allegedly been bleeding the club from the outset. Sorry one and all the piper is calling

  2. Why the F all of them NOW started talking about that it was all about money and that nobody wants to watch lower teams?!?! Just 2 days ago they were on different band wagon …. fing tools

  3. FIFA the video game annually makes more money than the champions league. An yearly video game with almost the same mechanics generates more revenue than the top league of the biggest sport in the world which has more than 4 billion fans. NFL which has less than 1/5th of Champions League's fanbase and viewership generates 9 billion more. For the biggest sport in the world, its economic model is quite poor. I can see why Perez thought that the way things are now(because of COVID), the big clubs wouldn't survive.

  4. Champions league is fucked anyway. Should be open only to the champion. 1 league 1 champion. If investor thinks it's too hard to be champion in spain, england etc they will invest in Romania, Poland etc to have a better chance of getting in. Better football all over Europe, make it really mean something to win it.

    One country 1 team can make it to champions league. No more no less.

  5. I don’t think you can ever compare North American sports to European ones. Sure the leagues in NA have no relegation, but there is also an entry draft and restricted free agency meaning that the big clubs cannot just buy all the best players as well as salary caps.

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