ESPN FC’s Jurgen Klinsmann, Frank Leboeuf, Shaka Hislop and Alessandro Del Piero share their thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo’s disallowed goal in Portugal’s draw in UEFA World Cup qualifying. Klinsmann says the mistake is embarrassing for UEFA, and believes it’s a big deal Portugal won’t get a deserved three points. Leboeuf agrees with Klinsmann saying it’a a shame UEFA isn’t using VAR. Del Piero focuses on Ronaldo’s reaction after not receiving the goal, saying the Portuguese legend overreacted in the moment.

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47 comentarios en «Cristiano Ronaldo OVERREACTED on disallowed goal in Portugal's draw – Alessandro Del Piero | ESPN FC»
  1. It was 3 important points for the Portugal had that goal gone in…and it was a clear goal… so why overreacted…he should've reacted more…the uselessness of the officials cost them important points and it's not easy to get them

  2. Del Piero: "He shouldn't react like that"
    Dude, I wish I'd see your reaction when you score last minute winning goal on a Final (or an important match that the win means your country's qualification) then it's disallowed right in your face due to trash VAR decision and your country goes down the drain in the tournament. You have 00000 CLUE what you're talking about. In my opinion, FIFA should have given the win as "late decision verdict" and fine the referees, 'cus that was a crime!

  3. At 1:12 minutes: He is explaining that a friendly game, in some silly states soccer in America, they had VAR and GL technology; yet, in this massive, important world cup game, there is none, and, thus, robbed Ronaldo of his winning goal.

  4. Dummys!! He throws the captain band because he went to argue his point as captain and ref gives him a yellow card . So he was treated like a regular player on the pitch when he isn't. He is the captain of the team and was not treated like one

  5. I mean if this was like friendly exhibition match, sure over-acted would be appropriate.
    However this was WC qualifier, and you know how important those are and I totally understand how CR7 acted and walked out as it was alrdy in stoppage time.

  6. Ronaldo didnt overreact, i am surprised he didnt get a shovel and dig up the turf after full time. out of respect to football, that field should never have another game played on it.

  7. Ronaldo was overreacted yes he was and he can.. he also human being ..he was because he was always wants to achieve for his nation. I think in football should have some rules also with refree .. why always with player .if players go to speak against refree for wrong decision they will get cards … Why refree can not punish for their wrong decision or maybe be rectify their wrong decision .. after match over ..

  8. Cristiano did not overreact.
    He was fighting for his country, and when playing for your colors, you're ready to give your life!
    He even had the right to slap the referee or marshall the entire team to walk away from the pitch!
    Poor refereeing, stupid decisions!

  9. Fifa is stupid. How can you not use technology if it's available. It's a world cup qualifying match which comes every 4 years.. errors from the referee can cost you a spot in the world cup.

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