Taylor Twellman joins Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez on Futbol Americas to discuss the United States’ 3-2 win vs. Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League final.

0:00 Does Gregg Berhalter have his first marquee victory as USMNT head coach?
1:09 Does Christian Pulisic’s winning goal and subsequent reaction show his desire to be the guy for the United States?
3:35 What to make of Pulisic’s performance leading up to his title-winning penalty kick?
6:25 Is there a proper competition for the No. 1 goalkeeper job after Ethan Horvath’s heroics in relief of Zack Steffen?
9:40 Has the USMNT overtaken Mexico as the best team in CONCACAF right now?


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24 comentarios en «Christian Pulisic not involved enough for USMNT as a winger – Taylor Twellman | ESPN FC»
  1. Taylor might be on to something when he talked about Pulisic’s role. For the USMNT, he has looked much better playing centrally than playing out wide. Which is weird because at Chelsea some of his best games were on the left wing. Since playing as a winger for the USMNT he score 3 goals which were all penalties and no assists. However when he’s playing in midfield(10 role) he scored 4 goals and 3 assists. It makes me wonder what his best role is for this team.

  2. Horvath is the better of the two – always has been pound for pound. I love Steffan. He's quick and athletic with a flair for the dramatic. I just don't like to see this from a GK – some of his best saves are from his own mistakes. Horvath has more CL experience and was unlucky to see Brugge pick up Mignolet.
    It boils down to Berhalter feeling more comfortable with Steffan because they worked together at Columbus Crew.

  3. The only hero of USA was the sub Gk, I’m bummed Mexico lost but not bummed it was to that amazing GK seriously did you see him? Gk alone cast a shadow on pulisic and dest. Also Reyna is bigger than pulisic, he proved it in this game. Seriously why aren’t they talking about the Sub GK E. Horvath dude was a wall, that’s who the USA should be praising not wanker pulisic, or “need to join a big club to be recognized dest”.

  4. Why does it have to be all about Pulisic? If this team will succeed, it needs more than focus on one talented guy. There are a few exceptions, but successful national teams are about the 11 and subs.

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