Here are 5 sugar daddy clubs for you to try on FM20. There is some fantastic Football Manager challenges here for you. Try taking Larne FC to European Glory or try to knock Barcelona and Real Madrid from the top of La Liga with Almeria

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  1. I always do a save every year with Athetic Club Bilbao…it's pretty fun because they can't buy anyone without basque even if we gain huge amount of money…it's pretty hard to spend them…and it's a hard job to dominate la liga. The fact which makes this job harder is that 80% percent of the best youth will be always produced by arch-rivals Real Sociedad. And none of those players will sign for us. We should wait for them to move to another club.. Osasuna also produces pretty good basques too..overall it's a good save with Bilbao in Spain

  2. FC Famalicão is actually owned by a rich business man from Israel, he detains also some stock at Atl. Madrid, but your are right when it comes to Jorge Mendes being de "feeder", he does the same with Wolves.

  3. Good morning, I'll be doing a Larne save after seeing this episode.

    Thank you for the idea. I'll be blogging my save on WordPress later on in the week. I'm on twitter coxie84 if anyone is interested or anyone else is blogging or YouTubing there saves

  4. My fm19 twente Enschede club legend Dan ndoye actually plays for Lausanne-Sport. He always rejected all offers from bigger clubs. Loved this guy. Really attempting tbh. But I'm busy with my le havre save. First time I started in France.

  5. Lausanne is a fantastic save, currently in Season 5. The chairman pumps in about £10m per season. Zeqiri & Loosli are your best players. Rules are fairly loose to with max 5 non EU players in starting 11. I have been buying youngsters putting them in first team and selling for massive profit. Highly recommend!!!!

  6. Just a correction, Famalicão is not owned by Jorge Mendes, they are owned by the same owner as Atlético de Madrid, Jorge Mendes basically is helping them by allocating his players from big clubs (Spain mainly) in Famalicão for their development, both of the players and the club.

  7. Hertha BSC are another team with a sugar daddy, I think he's a front end sugar daddy as well. Berlin being a very underachieving capital city not only in European football but globally and making Hertha a footballing powerhouse is always motivation for that type of save

  8. hey jamie spanish league is very interesting just doing it with bilbao. but one thing i hate about this league is minimum fee release clause.
    if you can get over the fact that your best players will likely be poached by better teams(unless you are one of the big team) due to ridiculuosly low release clause especially for a young prospect this league is for pro anyone managing in this country is that south american talents need just two years to gain eu citizenship.

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