ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno dissects Argentina and their issues of being too reliant on Lionel Messi and how that will continue to cost them in major tournaments.
0:00 Alejandro Moreno expresses the frustrations with Argentina as they are so reliant on Messi.
2:00 Moreno sees Argentina having the same problems they’ve had in previous major tournaments.
3:12 Alejandro Moreno does see positives in Argentina in early Word Cup qualifying, but sees them falling more towards the pack with Colombia.
4:35 Moreno identifies Peru and Chile as teams that need to be better if they want to qualify.

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23 comentarios en «Argentina’s strategy: Give it to Messi and get out of the way – Alejandro Moreno | ESPN FC»
  1. You know what I’m not gonna hide it anymore, Argentina is dog water and I’m an Argentina fan and Messi is my favorite player in the world but it’s just not cutting it. Messi is playing every game 24/7 and is always at his best and Argentina are acting like sloths that woke up from a 2 day nap. It’s so static and nothing is happening at all. They need sparks in the attack which they have in aguero, di Maria, dybala, higuain, and icardi. But the coach won’t start any of them Messi is carrying dead wood on his back and aguero is the only player who supports him. And it’s so simple they just have to run. That’s all they have to do. Make runs and Messi will give the ball to you and you can score a goal. That’s all they need to do. I also watched a tape and when Argentina lost the ball the whole team was not even going back to get it and I see Messi making a 85 yard run to DEFEND. If Argentina are gonna even make the World Cup then they need to stop using Messi all the time, and Argentina really need to practice more runs and passes

  2. Yeah this guy really doesn’t know much about what he’s talking about, he made 3 very good saves and messi hit the post, they weren’t depending on messi much and it’s their first game back, they want to use messi to help lautro on the attack and make him create as many chances as he wants without now having to dive so deep on the pitch, what’s wrong with that? They have arguably the best player in history, you use him when you need to use him as an advantage, scaloni is still improving as well and what we saw from Argentina defense was very good which was once their weak point 💀 please stop talking football.

  3. Argentina have a pretty solid squad. Lot of individual talent but I think its also very important to play solid as a team. Chile don't have half the talent Argentina do but have played way better in the last couple of years

  4. This is my view Chile played better than Argentina, messi was one of the few players who was trying To do something but in the end they created nothing. Chile on the other hand was fighting for the ball constantly and even without Vidal on the pitch they did an excellent job. However, I think they should learn from this game and change some players.

  5. Alejandra Moreno U Clown 🤡 . How did u get the Job At ESPN ? Give the ball to Messi and get Out The Way ? Argentina has been a Messi Team for the past Decade , Everything goes through Messi . What have they got to show for that ? Not much ryt . And what makes you think at almost 34 Years of age Messi Can do it alone ?
    Espn Should Pay me for educating you Fools

  6. For once, Argentina seem to have an above average midfield. I think they should start with Emi Buendia, Rodrigo De Paul, and Papu Gomez. Gomez and Buendia can control possession and bring stability, and De Paul can play Busquets. Lo Celso and Erik Lamela can play AM at times. But it is surprising how Lamela never makes the cut.

  7. I can’t understand how these commentators find something to critic players but they find these hard judgements like they are coaching yet some commentators used to be players and never got known like this one!!! Who is he? What did he conquer? What team did you win???????????? So where do you have the criticism to judge players?????? I’m just saying!!!

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