Chelsea news: ESPN FC confirms Chelsea Haaland Interest ! | Chelsea interest in Saul is REAL

Chelsea football club want Haaland and ESPN FC have a great source backing the idea.

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  1. Honestly Haaland is worth 200 million due to his performance and age. Chelsea Fans are not use to hearing such amount in player sales but sold Hazard for almost 150 million to Real Madrid while Barca got Jorghino from Liver Pool for 150 million. Why complain if Haaland cost 172 million considering his age and performances 45 goals in 45 matches?.

  2. 3 negatives.
    1. Rainola as agent will pester for a transfer every 3 years.
    2. Haaland is unproven in the EPL.
    3. The wage structure will be destroyed upsetting the dressing room and affect morale.

  3. We need to sign him while we can. Being the champions of Europe and having a really promising project goes in our favour. To have a squad as young as we have that just won the champions league is a huge positive. Players like Haaland don’t come around often. When they do come around we’ve normally got hardly any hope of getting them. He scores prolifically at any club he plays at and I think he’s the difference between us being a top club and being a dominating force in Europe for years to come. He’s worth every penny even for shirt sales alone. COYB🔵🔵

  4. I look at squad depth, I look at our defence, I look at the fact we’re European champions, if we sign Haaland… in September we win the super cup, in December we win the club World Cup, in February we win the carabao cup and in May we win the the league, FA cup and retain the UCL, like if we sign Haaland it’s actually a wrap bruv 😂

  5. What do you think of this idea for next season? Maybe for some games we could switch from 5-2-3 to a 5-3-2. We could ditch the winger positions. With Mount, Kante, Havertz in the midfield and Werner and Pulisic (or Haaland if we get him) up front. Our wing backs are have been playing like wingers for us anyway. Our defence has been quite solid with the back 5 and Kante so I think that it is worth trying to give an extra player in attack instead of playing Kovacic or Jorginho who are more defensive minded. Kante has also shown his ability to help transit from defence to attack, which is one of Kovacic’s main strengths

  6. We MUST do whatever we can to brings Haaland to the Bridge. Our team is in the perfect position right now in almost every aspect! Majority of the team is getting used to the league/others are adjusting to new team/first team football (many of our youngsters still only in their 2nd/3rd year of their professional career), we’ve won the champions league !!!! (Less pressure on many of the lads and manager) and we sorted out our backline/keeper situation resulting in us conceding a RECORD low of goals in this past UCL winning campaign for us! We have the depth already, and we’re still a project in the making. Our final puzzle piece is the number 9. World class strikers don’t come in bunches yearly. We need to go all in NOW! Our current project allows us to make this final big purchase and literally not spend in the window the next 2 years if we don’t want to because we won’t need to! WE MUST MAKE THIS HAPPEN AT ANY COST!! 200mil? STILL DO IT!

  7. I was watching the interview last night where Jan revealed it. My mouth dropped I was like "no way, this is great!" I'm not sure how they're going to solve the wage structure concerns though. That's a hurdle. Unless they'll be prepared to say "no" affirmatively to future requests and demands.
    Regarding Giroud, I had read a few days ago that he was not happy about the extension being triggered by the club. It was triggered to ward off competitors like West Ham and a couple other EPL clubs that were moving in on a free with Giroud. Marina triggered that as a response. However, I also read that although the extension would mean EPL clubs have to negotiate with Chelsea for a transfer, foreign clubs do not and Giroud can still negotiate and leave on a free, as long as it is not a domestic club.
    Long ways to go yet for Haaland but lets say Chelsea score the kid…..then I would add Tchouameni or Weigl for CDM, Skriniar for CB would be fantastic additional signings and for a cherry on top Locatelli.
    Funny thing is, all of those signings wouldn't guarantee anything with City also going nuclear with reports of Jack Grealish and Harry Kane to name a couple. It's an arms race and Chelsea have ambitions to win the league so they'll need to arm.
    BTW, did you guys see Kai today? Looking unreal. Him and Haaland, the twin towers of London!

  8. You listen what Jan Aage Fjortoft said on ESPN. He said- I was in Porto and 2 teams, who are looking for the striker and have money, also were in Porto. One of those clubs going to buy Haaland. So, where are breaking news? What Jan said we didn't know before? It is getting boring to hear same and same again, transfer window is not open yet, and we are buying Haaland 3 days in one week and Haaland not for sell 4 days of the week.

  9. i dont think it is worth it because 154 million is a LOT of money and there is no guarantee he will be as good as he is in dortmund. Our other bundesliga players didnt really live up to their fee. Great video tho!

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