ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes and Steve Nicol discuss England’s 1-0 victory over Romania, with Nicol insisting that England must start Marcus Rashford in their opening match of Euro 2020 against Croatia.

0:00 – Key takeaways from Romania victory
1:50 – How important is Jordan Henderson?
2:50 – Question marks over Marcus Rashford
4:03 – What shape will England use at Euro 2020?

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41 comentarios en «England vs Romania reaction: Marcus Rashford MUST start for England! – Nicol | ESPN FC»
  1. I think what he's doing fighting against racism etc is fantastic but like a lot of players STOP SPITTING !!!! FFS Before the penalty he must have spat 4-5 times. Don't forget Mr Rashford young people will emulate everything you do including. You see kids doing this all the time. Show some responsibility as a role model to stop this disgusting habit. 🤬

  2. Foden, Mount and Grealish are miles ahead of both Rashford and Stirling formwise over the last few months. Southgate should show some bottle and pick the best team and not the team that's deemed the safest or most experienced.

  3. What shape will England use in Euro championship—–my take will be " out of shape ", as England is a perennial loser in majors minus the controversial 1966 WC final against W. Germany.

  4. What a poor game for England. Firstly Grealish, I wrote when he was first picked for England that I would be ashamed every time he dived for a penalty, and sure enough his penalty won the game, and I am ashamed. Secondly the finishing was abysmal, I can't remember watching an English team with such bad shooting skills. I have been watching football since 1945 and the shooting skills have just about reached rock-bottom. If the time has come when England depends on penalties to win a game then, what a pity.

  5. Rashford-kane-foden
    Shaw-maguire/ coady- stones-walker

    Wonderkid foden, mount and bellingham should start against croatia, england need to press croatia, dont let modric dictate the game easily

    Tyrone mings is very worrying as CB, he seems easily drag by opponent striker, his anticipation is bad and he is so slow to react, i think its better to start connor coady

  6. Given nature of team selected (not Southgate fault) have we really got enough out of these games? Apart from the fitness benefits, I worry that we have not really had any preparation for the Croatia game. Not the team he will pick, not even close. If we lose, entirely possible, these lads will be right up against it. Especially at Wembley. Expectations have gone right up again which reminds me of every tournament in my lifetime (except the last one) and the results, 1996 aside, have left scars! I hope and also worry. But can’t wait. Cmon England.

  7. he so isn't international class, only marginally better than sterling

    what england needs is a manager who doesn't play the footballing establishments favourites, but a manager who plays the best players in form, how many decades is this going to go on for ?

  8. Rashford shouldn't even be playing… not because he is overhyped, but because he has been harbouring an injury all season which he is getting surgery for after the euros.

  9. Im a Mu fan and i think the best front 3 to support kane would be grealish lw, mount cam and sancho rw. Rashford usually when subbed on will produce the goods. So he can be a supersub if need be.
    Kane, mount and sancho are really on form. But i prefer grealish over foden mainly bcoz he is so good and effective at dribbling. He either will complete a dribble or get fouled.

  10. Love Rashford, but he turned the ball over at least 8 times during the Romania game and they don't even mention it. He played terribly. His penalty was the only really good thing I saw from him.

    P.S. Mings looked absolutely amazing at the back!

  11. I’m a Utd fan of over 25 yrs now – just a ‘disclaimer’. Rashford is terribly overrated – a decent talent but overrated nonetheless. We are constantly told about his pace, for example. He’s not that fast at all – I’ve seen average defenders keep up with him. His decision making and final pass in and around the box are often horrendous, he is so predictable – he’ll always cut back to his right foot and the elite defenders love that. Lastly, I don’t understand how he hasn’t developed a credible left foot shot yet – he won’t even attempt a tap-in with his left foot!!! When I watch tape of Utd strikers over the years – Rooney, RvN, RvP, Yorke, Cole, Ole et al – I realize just how overrated Rashford is.

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