ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens discuss what they would do if they were in Gareth Southgate’s position as England manager with some «unsolicited advice» ahead of their EURO 2020 opener vs Croatia.

0:00 Deciding on a winning formation
2:20 Should Mason Mount play deeper?
3:19 Is Phil Foden guaranteed to start?
4:39 Could a 4-1-4-1 formation suit England better?

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36 comentarios en «'Gareth Southgate MUST get England to attack!' Predicting England's starting XI | EURO 2020»
  1. England don’t have the pedigree that is needed for the big stage. Average players with inflated prices over their head. They beat small pub teams but they always get smacked up by the big boys when it really matters.

  2. It should be 4-3-3, England need to play with his strength their attacking ability, they cant afford to sit back like World Cup 2018 because now England has the likes of sancho/ grealish/ mount/ foden.

    In center back it should be ben white- john stone, please dont play tyrone mings, he isnt good enough.

  3. Southgate is totally gonna bottle this. Some amazing talent but his precious favourites will cost us.

    Sticking with Henderson despite Phillips having a great season and solid England performances along with Bellingham coming through make his place in the squad a total waste for me

    Mings is a disaster waiting to happen. Been getting away with assault for years now and he's gonna get found out if he plays.

    Mount Foden and Grealish would all start for me.

  4. With a coach like that i don't expect anything from england but to underperfom like they always dod since 1966 , he always has horrible selection choices , if Sterling and Handerson started that would be the end of this team , they should be the Euros favorites along with France but they always manage to play rubbish in important stages of any competition .

  5. I believe having it too attacking is same mistake that Lampard did with Chelsea. Chelsea was very poor on transitions, untill unless the attacking midfielders in whatever formation know their roles and responsibilities very well during defensive duties and can recover ball, and read oppositions game, there is no point of playing Mount, Foden or Grealish out of position too deep in Midfield. In modern game, Declan Rice will need one more box-to-box persson along side him. I would leave a attacking player in starting elevan, but defensive shape cannot be compromised.

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