ESPN FC’s Jurgen Klinsmann is on the oddsmakers’ list of potential candidates for the open Tottenham managerial position. Does he want the job? The former Spurs striker joins Dan Thomas to discuss the opening and the job in store for Jose Mourinho’s successor.

0:00 Klinsmann, who has 14-1 odds to be the next manager, reveals he’s talked with Daniel Levy since Mourinho’s sacking.
1:47 How daunting is the task for Spurs’ next manager?
2:46 Is the No. 1 priority for the next manager to get Harry Kane to stay?

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43 comentarios en «Tottenham's managerial search: Does Jurgen Klinsmann want the job? | ESPN FC»
  1. Just ask Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin about JK's coaching abilities!! He was kicked out by Bayern and run away, after talking BIG, in a matter of months at Berlin. Left both clubs in shambles. For the German national team he was a succesful cheerleader ( Löw was the coach) and we all know how the stint with the US squad went.
    In summery: JK as a coach is nothing short of a disaster. All talk, no substance.

  2. So what if he hasn't set the world alight with other clubs, doesn't mean he can't come in and steady the ship for a few seasons until the stadium is paid for and then go from there….Spurs are not title challengers so give him a shot

  3. I think he’d be perfect for the job for next couple seasons to lift the players – also with new tech director new manager not signing players so if doesn’t work not as bad and then get diff manager

  4. Why not Klinsmann for the Spurs job? Used to play for the team, a great striker back in his day as player, and proven himself to be a good manager (at least on the international stage)

  5. Spurs should just get Graham Potter. He is a good coach. The issue here is Spurs fans acting like they are Real Madrid or something and Poch was Sir Alex or Pep.😂 First of all Spurs are not a top 4 club in England. And Poch wasn't sir Alex or Pep. 0 trophies and is bottling in France too. So they should just be realistic and get Graham Potter. Will play good football , wouldn't demand too much money and may be reach top 4 or. Top 6.

  6. I can never understand how such a classic striker, one of the best in German history, could play for such a lousy club like Tottenham, and what’s worst, he did it twice!! 😅

  7. They should name Harry Kane player manager so he won't leave.
    Managing Spurs right now is jumping onto a sinking ship, with the "daring is doing" captain Daniel Levy widening the gaping hole with all his might.

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