Kasey Keller, Steve Nicol, Don Hutchison and Julien Laurens answer your latest questions from Twitter:

0:00 Would Stevie like it if Sergio Ramos signs for Liverpool?
3:10 Where does Gareth Bale rank among the most disrespected footballers in Europe?
5:40 Will Bale ever be motivated to perform at a club level again?
8:00 Should PSG be winning the Champions League if they keep Kylian Mbappe and make more signings?
9:20 Would a random draw for the Euro 2020 knockout rounds be better than the current format?
10:53 How would Stevie and Don inspire Scotland to beat England at Wembley?
13:15 What would be the ideal front three for Barcelona next season?
16:31 Why is no other club trying to poach Heung-min Son?

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48 comentarios en «Is Gareth Bale the most disrespected footballer in Europe? | ESPN FC Extra Time»
  1. Bale has nobody to blame but himself. Is the criticism too harsh? Sure…but it's the same for everybody since all of football, fans, media, pundits, are so negative. However, off the top of my head I could easily name a dozen who are unfair targets.

    Bale invites the criticism, even if it often goes overboard.

  2. These guys are so dumb. Barca have no money hence the signings of free transfers…. Aguero is on a quarter of the wage that Suarez was on…..and depay was free and is on much lower wages than Griezmann and Dembele lol , these guys just analyse things as if it's a FIFA or football manager game 🤣

  3. More like most disrespectful footballer…he intentionally elbowed Kúdela in the face even though the whole "alleged racism" issue is none of Bale's business and in the end Kúdela will likely be freed by higher instance, objective court, because there is no evidence. Now again, he is running away from interviews like schoolboy. He has poor emotional control and big ego.

  4. Stevie’s criticism of Sergio Ramos is sooo old🤧 sad that he can’t recognize greatness, not to mention the fact that he’s one of the best ever. Also Neymar and Ramos are good friends so Stevie is just talking nonsense as per usual.

  5. U don't get it cuz you're stupid lol. The difference between Suarez and Aguero is that Suarez was making 5 times the salary the Aguero agreed to. also, if u actually had some knowledge, u would know that kicking Suarez out and bringing Aguero in are 2 decisions that were made by 2 different presidents. so they don't exactly go together

  6. Absolutely automatic at ESPN FC… EVERY FRIGGIN' TIME… some player leaves a club… PSG, PSG, PSG. Hey guys…. any player in the world is leaving their club. Where do you think he's going to go?
    Answer 100 percent of the time – PSG.
    Could they come up with a different stock answer? They would be just as insightful… which is not at all… if they constantly speculated that players will go to Sparta Prague.

  7. These guys have no clue what they’re talking about. The previous board under Bartameo sold Suares and it is Laporta who bought Aguero. Bartameo made stupid mistakes and screwed us up and Laporte is trying to fix it. The transfer policy and the ones making the transfers are very different. And Barca paying any more money than what they could afford so they dint go all in on Wjnaldum which is great coz Illaix and Riqui had a much higher ceiling.

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