Sami Khedira joins ESPN FC’s Julie Foudy and Tim Howard to shed some light on Germany’s 4-2 win over Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal at Euro 2020.
0:00 Khedira says Germany deserved the win, but he’s disappointed by Portugal’s performance.
2:12 Khedira feels as though Germany still have to improve to win Euro 2020.
4:00 Howard says Group F has been turned on its head

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  1. I still dont understand Jogi subs though….why sub Hummels for Can when Sule was on the bench?
    Why sub Goosens when had the left side of the field for himself ?
    The movement of Germany front 3 really dismantled the Portuguese defence….Semedo and Gurrero must still be having nightmares

  2. You think Khedira would be happier for that brilliant German performance/smashing of Portugal and seeing his countrymen and former teammates succeed. Perhaps he’s a bit jaded as Löw ended his International Career as well. Kind of a kick in the sack for the DFB not to give Khedira a farewell friendly game where he is captain for the day though, much deserved in my opinion.

    Disappointed by the Portuguese performance? I know I enjoyed it lol…

  3. I'm portuguese. Germany is good team, but totally beatable. Problem is Portugal can't win if they are petrified with FEAR from the get go. Germans could smell fear a mile away. And this is what this cowardly spineless coach brought to our national squad. We would play defense even against Solomon Islands or Madagascar. It's pathetic. This guy will go, or WW3 will start in Lisbon.

  4. Robin Gossin is a beast. Man united should buy him now. He’s very very powerful and fast. His acceleration and athleticism is rarity in today’s football generation. Real Madrid or Bayern will buy him. This dude will become great depending on the club he chooses to go.

  5. 2 goals against Germany playing in their house. And that is while playing bad?? The world champions could only score once. After the first goal, Germany had the tale between the legs and their lines went back in fear. Without the self goals, it would have been a massacre 3-0. Germany has only one tactic, no real individual quality and dirty physical paying in the field. They take the ball to the right, pressure to the mid and right to allow the hidden midfielder to run in. It worked because of the self goals. they would never get that close without those. Muller was in panic after the goal, trying to regroup the troops and teaching/micromanaging the kids… Germany is long gone,, no skill just raw power to commit faults and predictable lines of pass…. Muller used to have an eye for spaces but he's done… to old. Besides, who else here things that the Germans were all under Maradona recipe for running??? The mouths twitching, the eyes pupils dilated?? Look at the post game interviews and pay attention to the twitching in the faces and body movement. All juiced. Had to win no matter after last defeat. Hungary will prove me right, the Germans will not pass their defence

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