Portugal took down Hungary in their Euro 2020 opener, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s double that made him the top-scoring man in European Championship history. Portugal sit top of Group F, level on points with France, but did the holders show enough to convince ESPN FC’s Taylor Twellman, Alessandro Del Piero & Steve McManaman that they can retain their trophy?

0:00 How Ronaldo has risen to the top of the Euros scoring charts.
1:24 Portugal’s chances of retaining their trophy.
3:10 How many teams will make it out of Group F?

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  1. We have one of the most talented teams in the history of the country but Fernando Santos doesn't have what it takes to manage such talent. He's very limited and he only knows how to play in counter attack which goes against the nature of our best players. We have Rúben Neves, Moutinho, Renato Sanches and the guy continues to insist in William and Danilo, two poor players without rithm who don't add quality to the add team. André Silva scored 30 goals in Germany and he doesn't even play.

    We had a tremendous amount of luck against hungary, that game was going to end 0-0. We were poor.

  2. there will be more humiliation for Löw in the coming
    Reasons –
    1) If this team doesn't make it to the next round

    2) When Dr. Hansi Flick shows the world what actually the real potential and how big of a nightmare this team can be to the other teams in tournaments like this

    Löw needs to prepare himself mentally in order to be able to handle those humongous amount of pressure after Die Mannschaft crashes out of this tournament.

    Even if you give him a current team like Italy and France, this arrogant and ridiculously stupid cum stubborn Löw will destroy those teams and it's players self confidence.
    To be precise Jogi Löw is nothing aka a huge ZERO without Dr. Hansi Flick

  3. LOLOLOL Portugal is the second best team in this eurocup… only france is a little better.

    And these guys need to learn more about portuguese team:
    1.º pepe, yes he has 37 years old, but he is fast and tireless and no doubt he still is one of the best central defenders in the world… i bet real madrid still misses him; (nop, im not a FCP supporter)
    2.º Portugal has no weakeness (even losing Cancelo, a top player, recently because of covid)
    3.º please dont compare Portugal to Germany…. Germany is a shadow of other times.
    4.º Lets see if actually France will beat Portugal.
    5.º I dont think this will be the last big tournament for CR7.

  4. 4 guys in the middle are a fortress for Portugal. Pepe Ruben Dias Danilo and William pretty hard to conceive goals and Rui Patricio is also a good keeper. So Portugal got a solid defense and a flair attack with Ronaldo. Id say they will be solid all games so good chances to win it. Steve must be high if you think France is just gonna win like they playing Andorra. Last 3 games in 90m against France 2 draws and a 1 nil win for France both teams are close.

  5. Who is this British looser. What did he won that's worth having him as a pundit? ESPN never changes worship Messi and hate Ronaldo. These two are exceptionally good but Ronaldo has got talent and something else that Messi don't. WORK HARD GO BIG OR GO HOME. Messi always go home empty handed with Argentina and they have had the best squad in the world for years. Can't say the same for Portugal. On another note France did not play like a champion what an ugly football and disappointment. With a squad like that parking the bus and play on the counter surely they cannot be seen as the best practicing football team in this European Championship. Someone tell this idiot British pundit that England dominated 90 min and only score once. Played rubbish football and Foden Kane and many others were disappointing to watch. Do you think you go far like that? England played Croatia for goodness sake it's not like they are that big of a threat are they? ESPN please change your pundits panel to someone that actually won titles and won't be bias on their own countries. Portugal will do well but Belgium and Italy will be finalists. They are the best of the best in this tournament. There you are I just said it!!!!!!!

  6. ESPN comments:
    Very funny. Before scoring Ronaldo did nothing. Come on: CR7 scored. And that is enough. Shut the FU.. your mouth.
    Some other. Ohh Ronaldo can score only. Can not play. Come on morons: football is all about scoring goal and win. That’s what Ronaldo Did, does and will do.

    ESPN fraudulent pundits can still Bark on air by hating the GIAT Ronaldo.

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