ESPN’s Football Forecast preview Portugal’s round of 16 game against Belgium as they advanced from Group F which included tough games against both France and Germany.

00:00 Belgium vs. Portugal preview
01:58 Were Portugal right to drop Bruno Fernandes?
03:38 Breaking down Portugal’s weaknesses
04:45 Belgium starting to look like a club team
06:36 Is playing Germany and France an advantage for Portugal?

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36 comentarios en «Do Portugal have the advantage over Belgium after playing France AND Germany? | Euro 2020 | ESPN FC»
  1. What is the guy on the right talking about? 8:11 haven’t been in their stride apart from the last 20min vs Hungary? That wasn’t their stride, they just converted more opportunities that’s all. They were in stride vs France.. in the first half. Good heavens, scoring goals alone isn’t called “being in stride”.

  2. Germany isn't the same team, they're in the world ranks 20s now. France isn't playing as great as they should being #2 in the world and they lost. This will be a tough game for Portugal, I hope they pull through. Italy vs Portugal will be a close and good game if they can knock out Belgium

  3. belgium belgium belgium ? really ? after all the talking in euro 2016 portugal came out whit the win,after that we are set up to play whit germany ,france and hungary,most of these games aside from france we played away wich was tottally unfair and we still made it Belgium is gonna stop us? why ? beause they are wat? european champions? world champions? ever been any of these ?they have good players? so do we we have the best in the world,its anyones game ,and everyone needs to start respecting portugal because we are european champions

  4. Portugal attack vs Belgium defence… If Portugal can reach the final third of the picth consistently, Belgium defensive weaknesses will come through.
    I predict a tough night for Vertonghen, Alderweireld, and the rest 🇵🇹✌️

  5. i never consider games between portugal and germany. germany has always been the boogie man of portugal. you have just seen portugal face his deepest fear. no national team in existence has against portugal the stats that germany has. i an not saying belgium is going to be a walk in the park but there is no way belgium will be germany to portugal. the chance there is 0 percent. portugal will come out on top. no doubt. and ronaldo is in full warrior mode. he will devastate.

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