ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Julien Laurens join Dan Thomas to react to the latest news the 2019-20 Dutch Eredivisie has been cancelled and that Ajax would not be crowned winners of the season. The FC guys also address how other leagues around Europe will decide the next steps and how this could impact Liverpool’s title chances. Plus, Burley and Laurens discuss the possibility of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ditching Arsenal for Frank Lampard’s Chelsea this summer.
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20 comentarios en «EREDIVISIE SEASON CANCELLED: Why this could be bad news for Liverpool | ESPN FC»
  1. if the season is cancelled UEFA should ban the country from joining next season UCL….its not fair for all the team. France did a good sportmanship by ending the season…thus all the work so far is appreciated. Dutch way to cancel is really, really cruel specially to club who about to go to primary division . How much money loss due to this in addition to the covid? So UEFA should punish them severely

  2. Premier League Is different From The Eridevise league Liverpool should Be champions 25 Points no way city will win it Yet or it might continue things can get better. Coming From a Liverpool Fan it will be Unfair we haven't won it for 30 years we deserve it and will get it.

  3. If Liverpool been given the title bcoz they have more points then the rest till now, is ridiculous . It's like saying, if u have 80% possession u win a match.
    90 minutes to determine a winner,
    38 matches to determine an EPL champion.

  4. The last time liverpool won a league title…players didn't have their names on the back of their shirts.. teams were only allowed 2 substitutes… there was no such thing as the back pass rule.. and Margaret Thatcher was still the Prime Minister.

  5. As an outsider fan (from USA), all of the hatred comes from those who grew up in the 1970's-80's era when Liverpool were perennially always top 5. For the past thirty years Liverpool have not won the league yet when they have a chance to do so (25 pts ahead as of this comment), a bunch of haters across the UK want the season nullified w/ no winner. This includes many former players who are now commentators. The French government just shut down the season there while in the Netherlands, it was nullified(I expect that winners will be announced-tie for first. If it can work in high school sports it can work there). Germany is about to open up their league. $$ is driving the issue in the UK as teams stand to lose $$ over games not played, the same for Germany. Play the game or cancel the remainder of the season but award those on top the winners. Relegate/promote as necessary. Time to move onto next topic.

  6. The people in holland who purchased match day or season tickets, should all apply for total refunds?? Start the ball rolling, sue the dutch FA for €billions, they will soon retract and resume the season

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