Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens and Frank Leboeuf join Kay Murray on ESPN FC Extra Time to answer all your questions from social media.

0:00 Juls’ tan as he returns from vacation.
0:40 More likely: Borussia Dortmund winning Bundesliga or Manchester United winning the Champions League?
3:00 Has Shaka ever ran from one end of the pitch to the other to celebrate a goal?
4:06 Why would Paul Pogba want to leave Man United?
5:22 Is Frank proud of Toby Alderweireld’s move to Qatar like he did during his career?
7:45 Combining the Gold Cup and Copa America.
8:15 Concerns about the French team at the Olympics?
11:30 Harder fan base to please: Newcastle or West Ham?
12:10 Marseille vs. PSG in Ligue 1 this season.
13:30 Prefer working from home or in studio?
Why would Paul Pogba want to LEAVE Manchester United?! | ESPN FC Extra Time
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40 comentarios en «Why would Paul Pogba want to LEAVE Manchester United?! | ESPN FC Extra Time»
  1. They need to sell Tuanzebe, Henderson, Elanga, Galbraith, Rashford, Greenwood, Heaton, Jones and Matić ASAP. The ballooning debt, repair of the roof and the lack of sufficient dividends to the Glazers is shocking.

  2. I love Football but when it comes to the Olympics I am with Frank, I don't care at all. I don't know why that is but I just don't. I haven't watch one match at these Olympics, while I can watch other sports which I normally don't follow during the year.

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  4. I’m a Utd fan of over two decades who wants Pogba to stay BUT I’ll tell you why he would want to leave; Coz he is in a near no-win situation. Unless he turns into Viera or Keane, he’ll always be considered an under achiever at Utd. He can even be the best player for months but the moment he has a bad 2-3 games, the airwaves will be full of segments about how overrated and inconsistent he is etc. The British media, former players turned pundits (including Utd legends) and sadly too many Utd fans have been extremely hostile to him and made him a scapegoat for problems at the club. I’ll admit, he hasn’t hit the heights he did with Juve or France NT but he’s only competition for best player at Utd in the time he’s been there has been De Gea. I have no problem with him or any player being fairly criticized but the Pogba criticism is over the top – even his hairstyle gets tv segment coverage for crying out loud!!!! No one enjoys working in a hostile environment and England and Manchester have been hostile to Paul.

  5. I feel like pogba is in between. He wont be sold or force a move. He’ll probably wait to see where united are in the cups and especially the title race around feb/march. Maybe then he’ll stay.

    Utd are building well for the next years ahead.

  6. The problem of merging all of the Americas into one big tournament is that there are actually 41 nations in concacaf. And a lot of those nations are very small, maybe considered obscure, and definitely not financially able to schedule themselves a proper amount of friendlies. The whole point of the concacaf Nations League West you get an organized tournament where these smaller countries will have matches automatically scheduled. Let's say we take the 10 COMNEBOL nations and even 14 or 22 concacaf nations into a super tournament, it seems like everybody left on the outside of that is pretty much screwed. Even if they held the Gold Cup and just let those countries compete, who's going to sponsor it? Who's going to pay for the rights to broadcast it? Unfortunately, it's the big countries in concacaf that bring the sponsors and the eyeballs and therefore the money to allow the proceedings within it to go on. All that being said I would love a merge tournament. The ability to see all of the South American teams play on North American soil and vice versa would actually attract a worldwide audience. At least from the semi-finals on… 😉

  7. Can't believe these guys talk about United building something and going somewhere, yet questioning Ole!
    Why do you think United are finally building and getting somewhere……why did all the past 3/4 managers not get United going, they had the financial backing!?!?
    Can't wait for them to eat their words and start understanding what's going on!!

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