Adrian Rabiot finally speaks out to play down the reports of his mum clashing with Kylian Mbappe’s family in the stands after France’s Euro 2020 exit at the hands of Switzerland. ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas is joined by Gab Marcotti and Frank Leboeuf to discuss the issue, and the pair aren’t buying Rabiot’s version of events.

0:00 Adrian Rabiot speaks out
1:02 Frank Leboeuf isn’t convinced by Rabiot’s explanation
1:48 Is the issue over with Rabiot’s return to the squad?
2:34 Gab Marcotti says Rabiot should just own the issue

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41 comentarios en «Adrien Rabiot DENIES his mother’s rift with Kylian Mbappe’s family | ESPN FC»
  1. We live in a world where things are "faxed" so as to benefit the coffers of a few "well connected" rich individuals/companies. In this case the "bookbinders"; in the case of Covid……. well, You Know..!😁👍💉🌍

  2. Sadly, that's a common approach these days: just deny and counter-attack (against the media, critics, etc.) no matter how overwhelming the evidence to the contrary. So yeah, Rabiot's a liar, but he's basically just following the zeitgeist of these responsibility-less times.

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