Antonio Conte is still looking for a route back to management after a successful season with Inter Milan, and with Arsenal currently bottom of the Premier League, could that be his next destination? ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Steve Nicol assess the pros and cons for Arsenal and Conte, should the London club decide to dismiss Mikel Arteta.

0:00 Why Conte is being linked to Arsenal
1:35 Would Conte want the Arsenal job?
3:02 Nicol’s conditions for Arsenal approaching Conte

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20 comentarios en «Antonio Conte linked to Arsenal: Would Conte be the ideal Mikel Arteta replacement? | ESPN FC»
  1. Arsenal's owners like loosing they aren't about to sign a real manager your tripping. Barcelona will sack Koeman soon and will sign Don Conte for the Camp Nou before Arsenal's board even realize they haven't won a game yet let alone realizes Don Conte has been for hire the past three months.

    Arsenal is ran by doorknobs

  2. I'm sure he'd make Arsenal much better. He'd get the pay he wants and the budget at least half of what he desires to start with. Although, I'd go with a cheaper option: Lampard or Gerrard.. (kidding)

  3. Just fire arteta and hire either Sergio conceica or Lucien fabre former manager of Porto and Dortmund both carried their teams to the quarter finals of the champions league both are far far better than this imbecile we have in charge

  4. I have traveled back 20 years from 2041. I want to urge Arsenal fans that given time and backing Arteta will deliver big time. Admittedly no Champions League crown, but he will deliver domestic cups and consistent top 4 finishes with an exciting brand of football – and some absolutely top draw players … to come.

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