Pablo Zabaleta and Craig Burley discuss Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to transfer to Manchester United instead of Manchester City, and discuss Manchester City’s chances to win the Champions League.

0:00 Pablo Zabaleta and Craig Burley discuss controversy in the Wolves vs. Manchester United match.
1:22 Pablo Zabaleta discusses Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United.
2:48 Pablo Zabaleta breaks down Manchester City’s chances to win the Champions League.

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24 comentarios en «Can Manchester City win the Champions League with its current roster? | ESPN FC»
  1. The fix is already in. Did you see that challenge from Pogba straight red every day and twice on a Sunday. If Xhaka is getting a red then no discussion. So thats a clear penalty and a clear red card that VAR miss in the game. Like I said, the fix is in. Football is 100% corrupt.

  2. Manchester City to win the UCL is highly likely but then there's a chance that a lesser english side will take them down again. Look what happen last season when Chelsea beat Manchester City in the final. By the looks of things in the UCL it will be either of the Italian Serie A teams or EPL teams or Real Madrid to win it. The reason why I say Real Madrid because Bale the Welsh striker and Carlo Ancelotti the Italian coach has returned.

  3. I think they can do it this year. And this time they will hoping they can go for quardruple this season and if they can do it without a no.9 striker. It would be an amazing feat in football history. To do the quardruple without a No.9 striker

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