ESPN reacts to Mahomes throws 4 TD as Kansas City Chiefs beat Cleveland Browns 33-29

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46 comentarios en «ESPN reacts to Mahomes throws 4 TD as Kansas City Chiefs beat Cleveland Browns 33-29»
  1. KC simply the better team. They met in the playoff last season. No Mahomes in the entire second half. KC still wins. They meet first game this season. KC missing three starters on defense Mathieu,Clark and Gay Jr.(that's a playmaker on each level of the defense not available. That's h3lla significant) KC still wins.

  2. I love all of these comments.,,,, "if not for the Chubb fumble" If not for the muffed punt" "if not for the Mayfield interception"… the Browns would have won! But they did happen. The Browns did all 3 of these things and the Chiefs didn't. That's why they won.

  3. Man this shit getter faker every year! To easy to read!
    I’m in madden online LEAUGE and I wanted to bet $5 the NFL owners would have the browns looking good like they about to win then boom mahomes saves the day like Brady did! 🙄 I rather watch wrestling

  4. Media already on their dick sucking campaign for Mac Jones… nfl sure does love it's great white hopes … anyone else put up those numbers woulda been deemed an efficient game manager.. Mac Jones loses a home opener and I gotta hear about how he's shown promise.. gimme a break

  5. Great game. Browns are a tough team to beat. Big Red and company are a tough out as well. 🎶 Its the most 🎶 wonderful time 🎶 of the year 🎶 When footballs are bouncing 🎶 cheerleaders a pouncing 🎶 and Chiefs fans in good cheer 🎶 its the most wonderful time 🎶 to drink beer!

  6. Ok ,aside from who won,lost or what not, I'll ask the other question? What's the damn deal with the numbers? Wr.s wearing 10-19 ok but Lbs wearing #4, safety's #1? I didn't catch the reason for them explaining that! My comments is off, so post the answer if anyone would reply! That's gonna be confusing as hell know!

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