After Stewart Robson had less-than-kind words for new Chelsea signing Jorginho, previously of manager Maurizio Sarri’s former club Napoli, fans sent in their tweets to the ESPN FC pundit ahead of Chelsea vs Arsenal at the Premier League weekend. Dan Thomas, Shaka Hislop and Gab Marcotti chime in.

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37 comentarios en «Fans call out Stewart Robson for Jorginho comments | ESPN FC»
  1. What does Jorginho actually offer? Keeps the ball well but that's all I'm afraid. I'm not expecting assists from such a deep role but he doesn't dictate the tempo of games and his passing range is average at best. Defensively he's atrocious. His passing range isn't good enough to warrant his position in the team.

  2. Set a record for passes completed in a premier league game. Had to have some athleticism to accomplish that. Guess it's obvious why Robson isnt a coach. And I'm sure people who know nothing about football find him very insightful.

  3. yeah jorginho is not outstanding as a real dm but as a regista (DEEP-LYING PLAYMAKER) he is absolutely wrong and if you have a regista that can really control the whole team's play you can expect that the possession will be maintained properly compared to a dm that only does lots of tackle with little retention of possession. More possession means there can be plenty of chances that can be made. This stewart dickhead is just a nobody it is the first time that i've even heard of this guy where did he played for again?

  4. I dont think these anlysist know alot about football. Watch the game where he played against man city last year in champions league for Napoli. He dominated that game, ok fine he needs a game or two to get up to speed with the English league but he is a very good player. There is a reason Napoli won so many games in Italy over the past two years and he is a very crucial part of it.

    Chelsea plays a certain way now and he is pivotal to it. Ok he doesn't defend as good as kante but come on guys think about what u say before u say it

  5. why are you guys getting mad at Stewart? Thats not his fault if he doesn't understand the game. They entire show is run by shitheads who always try stir up some controversy to get views. Clearly none of them has any idea what they are talking about.

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