Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. He is a forward and serves as captain for Portugal. By the age of 22, Ronaldo had received Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year nominations. The following year, in 2008, he won his first Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards. He then won the FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2013 and 2014. In September 2015, Ronaldo scored his 500th senior career goal for club and country.

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  1. this ''documentary'' is prime example how the media are really obsessive about his image not Ronaldo himself; or maybe he became so stressed out, because of bullshit media/people say about him. First every player makes mistakes, we are all human after all, yet seems like Ronaldo is not allowed to fuck up, ever. Its ridiculous! ''Car accidents''? There was one, the one you mentioned, in his Manchester days&thats it. Ventures to night clubs?! He goes to parties only on his holiday, he once said ''I have my free time on holiday, when no one can tell you anything'' & who he sleeps with, its not our business. The thing is, literally, what Ronaldo does is everything every other player does or just what young people do – which is enjoy life. But maybe even not this, coz in the end, he only does it during his free time, which is not much looking at his crazy shedule& his dedication. Yet here morons call it ''controversy''. His whole life he was nothing but insane professional & yes amazing talent, but his tragedy is, Messi is there, so all his great achievements are play down, constantly. He is also the most scrutinized athlete/ public person. I completely understand his anger at the media now or that he became more serious/bitter in his later yrs. People blow everything abt him add of proportion, spread cruel gossip even if they dont know shit, seriously it all already crossed the level of crazy. Just enjoy him while u can, he is amazing, unique player&athlete, true legend of the game & as for his private life – fuck off! But all of this only proves he is one of the greats. If u are criticized for breathing – u know you are the best.

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