Highlights from the World Cup qualifiers as Poland left it late to clinch an important point against group leaders England.

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  1. Job done for England really. Poland away was the biggest threat to the first place finish. Poland needed the win, a draw doesn't make much difference considering England play Andorra and San Marino, and also Albania and Hungary at home – worst case scenario is likely 3 wins and a draw which gives England 1st place in the group. Excellent result for England away in Poland…

  2. i wanted poland to at least get the draw, since there isn't much on the line for us here we don't need to take it as if it's some euro final. they deserved it, i never like to see a whole stadium of upset fans on an away game

  3. england have no idea how to go forward half of them look a little overweight sterling is just crap, if he could control his arms hed have so much more balance but they like a couple of flappy paddles

  4. Another backward game some players need more training run from our end to theirs only to turn and pass the ball back to Pickford Complete lack of good crossing into danger area that has to be the manager training them all wrong easy to attack lesser teams but are clueless with slightly better ones

  5. Southgate taking risks in games not making subs.. I think it’s a good thing. Every other manager England has had just kept the usual team. TAA midfield and no subs in a game that doesn’t really matter ( I know it does but England will still qualify). This is coming from an Irish person. Take more risks and find out what works so you can go to the WC without teams predicting what England will do.

  6. Overall England dominated this match. Tactics weren't right… we should have brought on some fresh legs after Kane's goal.

    In a weird way It's good for England to have a sobering reality check… that's how easy it is to lose a won game…

  7. Told you not to get carried away about thrashing Andorra – there are plenty of teams that can do that. Boom ! Down to earth.
    Southgate back to his usual get one goal and sit on it, leaving them shaking defensively for the rest of the game. But what about using your subs when they are tired and also it wastes a little time – does Southgate ever study Italy????

  8. Apart from Mexico 86 England always seem to play poorly against Poland the theories as to way that is must be numerous and wide ranging. England might have a third good tournament on the trot but we are certainly not going to win it. If Harry Kane or Raheem Sterling do not score then who will? it appears the answer is Harry Maguire but there has to be more variation and invention to the free kicks and corners than constantly trying to pick out the effective head of Harry Maguire.

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