Luis Garcia joins Shaka Hislop, Craig Burley and Kay Murray on ESPN FC to talk through Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s new three-year contract at Manchester United.

0:00 Craig’s immediate reactions to Solskjaer’s new contract.
1:21 Is the contract too long with “better” managers out there?
2:20 Shaka questions the make-up of the new deal.
3:40 Could Man United have been more patient?
Will Manchester United REGRET Solskjaer’s new three-year contract? | ESPN FC
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24 comentarios en «Will Manchester United REGRET Solskjaer’s new three-year contract? | ESPN FC»
  1. I did not hear or see one Commentator (ESPN) say maybe Ole was rewarded for his hard work and maybe Ole was given a long term contract because the club needs some stabilisation. I think some of these commentators will end up eating their words. Why does Craig B dislike Ole so much. Ole done well finishing above Liverpool and Chelsea and Arsenal. which not one ESPN commentator thought they would do. Drop the negativity Craig lets see what happens!!!!!

  2. Man Utd has no ambition to win anything that's why they gave Ole new contract, Zidane should be the perfect Manager for Utd.
    Ole still at the wheel, he deserves lifetime contract 😂

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