ESPN FC’s Sebastian Salazar is joined by Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf to answer your questions in Extra Time, including:
(0:11) Better player: Real Madrid and France star Zinedine Zidane or Fiorentina or Argentina legend Diego Maradona?
(1:14) Bigger legend at Chelsea: Craig or Frank?
(3:35) Frank and Craig, have you ever been mistaken for someone else in the street?
(5:00) What were the worst penalty misses from Craig and Frank’s respective careers?
(6:55) If Frank would rather act or play football and if Craig would rather golf or play football?
(8:35) What signature dish would Craig make Frank to chance his stance that the only purpose of food is fuel?
(10:41) How would Craig and Frank fare if they replaced Gab and Juls on their podcast?
(11:30) And if Craig would rather do Extra Time for their parking lot at the golf course or watch a two-hour long movie featuring Frank as the lead character?
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23 comentarios en «Zinedine Zidane or Diego Maradona: Who was the better player? | ESPN FC Extra Time»
  1. Fellow Frenchman- Michel Platini- 'What Zidane could do with a ball, Maradona could do with an orange.' Enough to tell who is greater. I love Zidane, but he's nowhere near the likes of Cruyff, Messi, Maradona, Pele and Cristiano. Maybe at 6th or 7th, but not better than these giants.

  2. It never cease to amaze me the view on football that sometimes pro players have on football or other players and anyone is entitle to preffer any player above another, but not seeing Maradona playmaking abilities it's beyond IDIOCY

  3. WHAT! Maradona is in my opinion the 3rd greatest player ever and arguably the most naturally gifted player ever, and on the other hand Zidane is an overrated overhyped player who’s big game credentials hide the inconsistency throughout his career.

  4. Zidane is better. Look at the competition zidane played against. Literally played in the golden age of football where near enough EVERYONE was a legend.. Scholes, Keane, ronaldo R9, Ronaldinho, rivaldo, pirlo, Figo, etc etc. In 2006 semi final, near enough every player from Brazil was a legend from Carlos to Cafu to Kaka let alone the stars Ronaldinho and ronaldo. For zidane to come out on top of this era, means he’s the best. It’s a simple equation. And he has achieved just so so much in football, without one doubt his trophy room has every single accolade worth winning. And trophies that others haven’t won, such as Pele Maradona even Messi and C Ronaldo don’t have a trophy room like zidanes. And he was the key player to most if not all of those trophies. Enough said.. you kids don’t know about football, you think the best player is the one who tries to take on entire teams alone, and scores thousands of goals. That is incorrect.. iniesta had 0 goals 0 assists when he won best player of the World Cup. You guys simply don’t know enough about football.. some of zidanes goals are worth 50 goals like the two goals in the World Cup final vs Brazil in 98 or the 2002 UCL final volley (on his weaker foot). What zidane does is impossible he just makes it look easy so you prats think he is overrated. But if it were easy everyone would be a zidane

  5. People who really understand well about football ,far from.drama and actions and overeating will know that Zidane is by far the best ever… even though I admire maradona a lot …but facts are facts and it's not gifted to everyone to be understood!

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