Shaka Hislop and Frank Leboeuf join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to break down Chelsea’s 2-0 win vs. Arsenal in the Premier League. Mikel Arteta’s side makes unwanted history as the first Arsenal side to lose its opening two league matches while also failing to score a goal.

0:00 An «easy» victory for the Blues.
1:17 Breaking down Romelu Lukaku’s second debut for Chelsea.
2:15 The lack of quality in Arsenal’s squad.
3:43 Did Frank really say Arsenal could get relegated?

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25 comentarios en «Arsenal vs. Chelsea reaction: Is Mikel Arteta's job in jeopardy? | ESPN FC»
  1. I would 100% disagree with the last statement made about quality of the Arsenal players . Arsenal players are not worse than , say , Leister / West Ham / Tottenham / or others behind top 4 (man city / Chelsea / Man U / Liverpool) . So let’s calm down on , if Arteta can’t find the way to make this team play at best , maybe some other manager should ? Let’s not forget that Arsenal spent 130 mill pounds this summer …

  2. Shaka Zulus of Arsenal are hopeless and Arteta has inherited lame horses that have no effect. Arsenal is heading for a possible relegation and must forget the premier league for few years.. A team that can not handle newly promoted teams is dead.

  3. Admittedly I did not watch the whole match but where Arsenal really that bad? The bits that I watched were not that bad at all, I saw them open Chelsea up on multiple occasions. The final pass or final move was quite bad and the absence of a goalscorer was very obvious but their approach play was good. Also they had 5 or 6 key players missing, I remember that was enough for the Premier League to grant City a match postponement and enough for Liverpool to get a season pass from this lot. I have no affinity for Arsenal, in fact they are one of our rivals but we must be fair.

  4. No Arsenal player right now at all, would even get into the Chelsea squad. Not one.

    Azpilecueta : Leads by example and goes all the way.
    Aubameyang : Signs contract and coasts through matches and doesnt contribute.


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