With this tactic, I won the Portuguese league! | Ruben Amorim 343 Recreation FM 21 | Best Football Manager 2021 Tactics done very well with Sporting CP managing to win the title! The aim for this tactic is play possession football and try to recreate some tactical principles from Ruben Amorim’s real life tactic used with Braga and now Sporting

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  1. It's a very good attempt but it's not quite 100% accurate. However with FM sometimes we have to switch some things when recreating because it's impossible to recreate things exactly like in real life. The differences are the Palhinha role, which is the definition of a Ball Winning Midfielder, he covers all the area in the midfield, pressing high and doing lateral movements in the attempt to win the ball, the Pedro Gonçalves role, which is fine as a AP on the wing but the most accurate one would be a Shadow Striker on the AMR position, the winbacks would be complete wingbacks, the DLP would be on support and then the striker is fine as DLF, the other option would be Complete Forward on support. It's a tricky tactic to recreate, Palhinha and Pedro Gonçalves are very unique players and Nuno Santos plays on the left as an inverted forward even though he is left footed. The team instructions are accurate imo, Sporting is atm a very solid team in the defensive setup, while also being comfortable in control of the ball and very strong on the defense-attack transition

  2. Hello RDF love ur tactics video, i dont use them i try to create my own, i prefer to try understand what you say and do it my way, im trying to recreate Kloop Dortmund back in 2013 but i cant say my player to press the ball while other players close passing lines of the player being pressed. any clue how to achieve this?

  3. Was looking for a 3-4-3 wingback tactic! This is really cool. Would be very interested in seeing a min-max version of the most effective and highest goalscoring tactic you can create for this formation without basing it on a real team. I've been planning on trying a Gegenpress version of this formation with Rennes as soon as I get a replacement PSU for my PC (hopefully this week!).

  4. This is great! With all popular back 4 formations all the time it’s nice to see a working 343 formation. I’ve been trying to recreate Roma’s 3421 under Fonseca (with 2 AM behind the ST) but haven’t been successful and this tactic comes closest to Roma’s 3421 (with Wing backs) especially attacking wise. Would love to see you recreate Roma’s tactics under Fonseca! One question: is there a specific reason or reasoning you went with Inverted winger and not inverted forward?

  5. RDF I have been looking for a tactic that is similar to David Moyes tactic with West Ham currently, would you say this is the closest you have created to that formation? Or if not are you willing to create a tactic, please?

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