Kay Murray, Ian Darke and Alejandro Moreno answer questions from fans on #FCExtraTime.
0:00 Is Diego Maradona in the 1986 World Cup the highest level we’ve ever seen from a player?
3:55 Who will benefit the most from Manchester United signing Cristiano Ronaldo?
5:55 What are the chances of Atletico Madrid repeating as LaLiga champs?


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49 comentarios en «What are the chances of Atletico Madrid repeating as LaLiga champs? | ESPN FC Extra Time»
  1. Many forgot what happened to atleti last season. Ofcourse they were the champions. But a phase came to the club between Jan to end of April , in which they were so worst that barcelona ,being 14 points behind atleti, closed the gap! It doesn't mean atleti have higher chances of winning laliga. Imagine if Barca didn't choke their last 5 games! Atleti would have been cursed by all Spanish media. It was by mere luck and Barca's chaotic management which gave the title to them. Don't think guy's atleti are clear-cut champions.

  2. barcelona, madrid, atletico wont make top 4 in premier league. the standard is really sad right now. chelsea were toying with atletico last season. until mbappe goes to madrid, this league is dead

  3. I´m not againts the Superleague i´m againts UEFA , Ceferin is the loyal employee of the sheiks , they are destroying football letting these team-states do what they want, we all know is a corrupt organization, we just have to see were the Worldcup is going to be played with stains of blood.

  4. Per rumors lately, Atletico Madrid want to sell Oblak because of 'wage issues' since Griezmann has come. If it happens, the manager and the other staff need to be fired too!!! Oblak is the crown jewel for Atletico Madrid!!!

  5. Atletico have to be the favourites. Not that Barca or Real can't win it or anything, but Atleti have a great squad with some good signings this transfer window. Only thing of worry might be the lack of a ready back up for Trippier, even though Atletico can cope with it temporarily.

    Atletico took the bullet and went for a complete rebuild a couple of seasons ago, and it has paid off brilliantly. Maybe Real and Barcelona should try and emulate that.

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