Camisetas de fútbol NFL Nike Elite vs Vapor Elite – Comparación completa

Este es un video de comparación para mostrar las diferencias en detalle de las camisetas NFL Nike Elite y Vapor Elite Football. Cubriremos el diseño, la construcción, las medidas y el ajuste. Usé una talla 44 para ambos, que me queda mejor. Aunque tanto Nike como Football, estas dos camisetas tienen bastantes diferencias. Tenga en cuenta que ambas son versiones minoristas auténticas y NO son un problema profesional / de equipo. Video de cómo medir una camiseta: #jersey #nfl #football #footballjersey #fashion #mensfashion #menswear #chicago #newyork #losangeles #dallas #seattle #philadelphia #elite #vapor #authentic #comparation #details #gridiron #nike #athletic # osos #seahawks #neworleans #santos #cowboys #chargers #rams #gigantes #jets #eagles #pittsburgh #steelers #russellwilson

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9 comentarios en “Camisetas de fútbol NFL Nike Elite vs Vapor Elite – Comparación completa

  1. Edgar Jacc

    Very well made video, and behave of all jersey-heads, thank you. I just wish the elite sleeves weren't cuffed. Its a hard look to pull off, and we're not actually on the field lol. I know the previous generation of elites didnt have that, and i wish i had got 1 then. I dislike the cuff so much, im considering sticking to limited. But i do want that material.

  2. B. A. Sports

    I don’t own any nfl jerseys but thought about picking one up my question is are the vapor elites worth the money

  3. Chaney Houk

    I like the old Elites material better. It feels thicker and better quality. Just got my Vapor Elite in today and I’m not impressed.

  4. Donell Weaver

    So basically the Nike Vapor Elite jerseys is the real jerseys what the players actually wear on the field than the Nike Elite jerseys

  5. Jim L.

    Interesting… I noticed the bottom portion of the Russell Wilson jersey is mesh. At some point the Seahawks switched to non-mesh fabric for that bottom panel, but only on the gray jerseys (oddly)

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